Gili Benita is an Israeli photographer based in Jerusalem.

He was born in Jerusalem in 1997 and raised in Tsur Hadassah, a small town near Jerusalem. He studied film in The Jerusalem high school of arts and served in the army, as a cinematographer in the air force film unit.

In 2017, Gili had join forces along 'Save a Child's Heart,' and started documenting the life-saving organization, both in Israel and in Tanzania.

Since 2016, Gili is focused on delivering the silent voice in society by committing to long-term documentary projects, in Israel, Africa, Japan, and other regions.


  • First place in photographed story category - Local Testimony, 2018

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  • Local Testimony, group exhibition, Erets Israel Museum. Tel Aviv 2018
  • 'Kodoku'  solo exhibition, Space Place Gallery, Russia - 2018
  • The Print Fair, group exhibition, Tel Aviv - 2018
  • The Teder Print Fair, Tel Aviv 2019

Work with Me

Available for work in Israel and worldwide.  
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