About my work for Save a Child's Heart

I started shooting for SACH in early 2017, but my journey with SACH started a lot earlier.
In my childhood, SACH was a name that I always heard in my family environment. My aunt, Maureen Benita, was a chief nurse in the cardiac department in Wolfson hospital. She was also one of the founders of the catheterization department in the hospital. She was involved in SACH since day one and also accompanied the medical mission abroad.

My father, Yoram Benita, a documentary filmmaker, was introduced to SACH by Maureen.
Since that time, he followed and documented the SACH activity both in Israel and overseas for more than ten years. In 2015 he produced the feature film 'Heart Bit Away', and he currently still involves with SACH activity.

As a third generation in my family to get involved with the activity of SACH, I felt a moral obligation to show the story of life being saved from my own individual point of view. The engagement with each child that I photographed, left me with intense emotion that accompanies me to this day.

Many times when children are waking up from their surgery, they tend to develop a post-surgery depression. They will most likely to look weak, fragile and a bit gloomy. I remember after Leila's surgery, when I first came to see her in the ICU, she really did looked out of sorts. However, when she saw me with my two cameras dangling around my shoulders,everything changed. She just started talking to me in Swahili, and couldn’t stop. It was like she swallow a radio. The nurses and doctors were amazed, they told me that it’s a unique behavior for a post-surgery patient.  That day wasn’t about the photos that I took, it was about realizing why I am doing what I do.

For me, the experience of documenting the activity of SACH, has become way more than just taking pictures. It became a journey to be involved with lifesaving. It became a story about giving, and feeling donated yourself.  

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